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community management tourisme et culture
elipse gris fond
elipse gris fond

The sector
of tourism
and of culture

Use social media to showcase your destination or cultural and tourism events.

Social networks have become true showcases for tourist destinations and cultural establishments, offering an excellent opportunity to highlight your city, department, region, museum or cultural and tourist place. Help on community management in tourism will probably be welcome.

Here are some key figures about social media:
35% of Gen Z

Uses social networks to plan his getaways (2023), according to a study conducted by the influence tool Kolsquare.

674 million publications

Published on Instagram on travel-related content (2023). Tourism is a dominant sector on Instagram.

The benefits of a social media presence for your organization: why community management is essential?

Expand your reach online

A tourism community manager for your social networks allows you to share varied and captivating content about your destinations, cultural events, and tourism experiences. Being present on these platforms allows you to increase your visibility in a targeted way with a large audience, which can stimulate interest in your offers.

Win over a new audience

Social networks offer an affordable and effective way to promote your tourist or cultural establishment. Your community manager can target specific audiences based on their interests and travel habits, attracting new potential customers to your business. Even with limited resources, you can reach a large and diverse audience.

communicate effectively with your customers

Community management on social media is an ideal way to keep your customers informed about upcoming events, special promotions, opening hours and cultural activities. By providing relevant and engaging content, you strengthen the connection with your existing clientele and encourage loyalty to your establishment.

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tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
exemple de publication tourisme et culture
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a few topics
for tourism
and for culture

Discover local attractions: monuments, historical sites, museums
Promotion of cultural events: festivals, exhibitions, theatrical performances
Sharing travel experiences: testimonials, tips, adventure stories
Promotion of special offers: tourist packages, discounts on entrance tickets
Thematic travel itineraries: regional gastronomy, contemporary art, natural heritage
Meetings with local actors: artists, artisans, tourist guides
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With Tookano,
your monthly schedule is quickly generated and your posts published automatically

Tookano, your community management assistant, takes care of creating your custom content according to your needs, and posting them directly on your social networks.

You can also add your own posts topics that it will include in your editorial line.

Based on your goals :

Attract users’ attention to your website to increase the chances of converting your audience into loyal customers.


Connect with and interact with your audience. This will help them better understand their needs and customize your offer accordingly.


Increase the visibility of your tourist destination or cultural offer on social networks. This will help attract the attention of travelers and culture lovers, thus strengthening your positioning.

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On which social networks
should I post?

Facebook and Instagram are essential platforms for tourism.

Facebook is ideal for generating traffic to your website. You can share links to your site to present your offers, cultural or tourism program, and attract visitors to your booking or online sales platform.

Instagram allows you to build the image of your destination and your establishment and attract new visitors.

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How Tookano
can optimize your community management?

With Tookano, creating a content strategy tailored to your objectives and your audience becomes simple and effective. An assistant community manager travels with you 24/24 and offers the creation of content with images and associated texts.

You set the tone
The pace of publication
And the social media platforms for distribution
Tookano, your assistant community manager takes care of the rest by offering you content suggestions and planning the publication.
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