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Optimize the community management of your consulting firm by exploiting the opportunities offered by social networks to promote your services.

The consulting sector is always looking for visibility to publicize its expertise. Whether in areas such as management, strategy, finance, technology, communication or human resources. Using social networks allows you to stand out, strengthen your know-how and attract new customers. A community manager is essential to develop your online presence.

Here are some key figures about social media:
13.5 million users

French monthly active on LinkedIn. To maximize your visibility, social networks are an essential means of communication to integrate into your strategy. Your expertise is the reflection of your know-how, it must be made known!

a unique opportunity

Create direct interactions with potential customers and strengthen their engagement offered by social networks and community management. Consulting firms target specific audiences and visually present their services.

Why be present on social networks?

Strengthen your online credibility

Social networks provide an indispensable showcase where you can share industry information, case studies, customer testimonials and blog posts to demonstrate your expertise and experience in your field.

Convert leads to customers

A community manager specialized in consulting allows you to specifically target companies or professionals who may need your services. By posting informative and engaging content, you can attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to contact you for advice.

Keep your prospects informed and interested

Your social networks are an effective way to stay in touch with your current customers, to feed them on their daily issues, gather their feedback to generate visibility for you and keep them informed of the latest trends and best practices in your sector.

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exemple de publication consulting
exemple de publication consulting
exemple de publication consulting
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Some topics for community manager dedicated to consulting firms:

Practical tips for business management: process optimization, risk management, productivity improvement
Analysis of market trends and emerging technologies
Highlight client successes and case studies
Share articles and white papers on topics relevant to your industry
Hosting webinars and virtual events on actual topics
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With Tookano, benefit from a community manager assistant with a regular publication of your posts

Tookano, your community management solution, generates personalized content according to your criteria, whether fixed publications, carousels or reels (via your videos), and shares them directly on your social networks.

You can also adjust your editorial line according to the tone and frequency of content you want.

Based on your goals :

Encourage users to visit your website to increase the chances of converting your community into satisfied customers.


Build trust and engage with your audience. This will help build your firm’s credibility and attract new potential clients.


Increase the visibility of your consulting firm by highlighting your successes and experiences on social networks. This will help increase the confidence of potential clients in your practice.

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On which social networks
should I post?

LinkedIn and Instagram are essential platforms for sharing information and consulting.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the professional platform par excellence, where you can share content focused on technicality, leadership, management, strategy, professional advice, etc. It’s a great way to network with other professionals, share your expertise and build credibility in the consulting field.

Instagram: Instagram allows you to share visually appealing and relevant content for your audience, such as infographics, inspirational quotes, event photos. This is an opportunity for consulting firms to show their casual side.

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How can Tookano help you define your editorial strategy for effective community management?

Tookano, your assistant community manager, guides you in the development of a personalized content strategy, perfectly aligned with your objectives and your audience.

You choose the tone
The publication frequency
And the social media platforms for distribution
Tookano ensures the continuation of your community management by proposing content ideas and organizing a publication schedule.
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