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Use an automated community manager assistant for the industry to support the distribution of your publications. In the industry, social media is a valuable opportunity to increase your online visibility and engagement.

Promoting your industrial projects, highlighting your expertise and attracting new customers are essential actions to remain competitive in the market. Still few industries use social networks regularly; a good way to stand out and develop your brand image.

Here are some key figures about social media:
91.2% of brands in France

Chose LinkedIn to promote their business. Using social media is essential for increasing your visibility.

64.4% of professional buyers

Check social networks before contacting a new provider, according to Linkedin.

Why should my industrial company be present on social networks?

strengthen your online presence

Optimizing your digital presence in the industrial sector is essential to increase your visibility and influence. Opting for a community manager assistant specialized in the industry will allow you to distribute varied content adapted to your target audience, thus strengthening your credibility in a competitive market.

Attract new customers and business partners

The acquisition of new customers and business partners in the industry becomes more accessible through the strategic use of social networks. By offering attractive and informative content, you can attract prospects and encourage them to choose your services for their industrial projects.

Communicate effectively with your audience

Social media is an effective way to communicate with and retain your existing customers. You can inform them about news, promotions and upcoming events, and answer their questions and concerns, thus strengthening the link with your customers. They are also your best prescribers. By making them interact, you benefit from their network sharing the same interests for more visibility.

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exemple de publication industrie
exemple de publication industrie
exemple de publication industrie
exemple de publication industrie
exemple de publication industrie
exemple de publication industrie
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Some ideas for industry topics:

Presentation of your products and services: innovations, benefits, applications
Highlighting your expertise: completed projects, testimonials from satisfied customers
Sharing educational content: articles, videos, infographics on topics related to your industry
Promotion of events and trade shows: participation, conferences, product demonstrations
Highlighting your team: presentation of employees, focus on their skills and experience
Corporate content sharing: company news, press releases, awards and distinctions
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Tookano helps you manage your community management and ensures the publication of your content

Tookano is a community manager assistant that allows you to generate content (visuals and texts) on your industrial activity.

It will automate them and publish them on your social networks. A phenomenal time saving when you don’t have the resources in-house to manage it.

Based on your goals :

Increase traffic to your website to increase conversion opportunities. Linkedin is a big lever to do this.


Establish an authentic connection with your audience and interact regularly with them to promote content sharing and enhance your online visibility.


Strengthen your industrial company’s online presence by sharing successful projects and customer stories, demonstrating your industry expertise and attracting new customers.

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On which social networks is it beneficial to post for the industrial sector?

LinkedIn and Facebook are essential platforms for industrial companies.

LinkedIn is ideal for building professional relationships, sharing B2B content, recruiting new talent and attracting new prospects. Your content strategy will convince potential buyers.

Facebook lets you quickly share news, updates and information about your business.

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See how Tookano can be your ally in social media management for your industry

With your virtual assistant for community management for the industry, develop a content strategy adapted to your objectives and your target. Tookano is available 24/7 to propose content ideas and publish them directly on your social networks.

You choose the tone
The publication frequency
And the social media platforms for distribution
Tookano takes care of the rest by offering you industry-related content ideas!
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