Your Community Manager powered by Artificial Intelligence

Social Media Management by Artificial Intelligence: You are looking for a Community Manager and you want to control your monthly budget?
Be amazed by Tookano AI, the 1st solution that generates community management schedules using artificial intelligence!

Our offers are specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses that want to have a regular and professional presence on social media for a reasonable rate!

👋🏼 Your Community Manager for €59 HT / mois
€59HT / mois
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Our references

With Tookano, Use Tookano AI or order the post of your choice! 

For your custom publication needs, Tookano also features an experienced team of community managers! Just submit your brief to us… and we’ll take care of everything else 🙂

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What is Tookano’s philosophy of Community Management?

With our 12 years of experience, we know the business inside and out.

2 general observations:

👉General observation: Community Management is essential, businesses need a social media presence to generate visibility: that’s a given!

👉 Observation n°2: It is not very profitable! The posts are only visible for 3 hours on average. In that case, what is the point of spending a fortune on a post?

In most cases, what you need is:
To save time:

Spend a minimum amount of time on managing your social media thanks to Artificial Intelligence

To post regularly:

Have a regular frequency in your posting

To control your budget:

Reduce spending, considering the complexity in measuring the ROI

Publication ideas

Let our publication ideas inspire you thanks to our gallery of posts and a personnalised key marketing dates calendar designed specifically for you

To analyze your statistics:

Consult and understand the performance stats of your social media activity

A dedicated community manager:

The community manager will contact you with new opportunities

🚀 This is exactly the package offered by Tookano!
And the one I need!

Tookano… What is it?

A social media management platform that saves you time!

We’ve developed an Artificial Intelligence that suggests a posts schedule based on your website’s URL! In just a few minutes, posts are provided for your monthly plan.

And as Tookano AI can’t predict everything, our in-house community managers take care of creating your customized posts. A brief submission form with a few questions helps you save time and costs 🙂


🤩 Our promise:


Easy: simply provide the URL of your website
Fast: your publication schedule generated in less than 5 minutes
Creative: Tookano AI suggests visuals to save you time!
Save money: control your monthly budget
Need help? An experienced Community Manager guides you in your choices and brand positioning
👉🏼 Don’t believe us? I’ll give it a try!
I try!

Tookano… How does it work?

Tookano is the first platform that combines an integrated community management AI with the expertise of a community manager for the creation of your posts.

You can choose to combine the speed and creativity of Tookano AI with the customized creation of your posts by one of our community managers. The AI operates with a monthly package at €59 or 89€ excluding taxes, and customized posts work with credits for added flexibility.

Your post in just 3 steps

Step 1: Order your posts

> Tookano AI : Just enter your website’s URL.

> Customized Posting: They contact you when you are most available to brainstorm your posts. In the morning, noon or evening.

Step 2: Your posts shedule

> Tookano AI : Share some information and your upcoming events, then wait a few minutes while the AI works on your schedule.

> Customized Posting: They submit a brief to you with a few questions so that they can create your post. It is estimated that your time spent filling out the brief for a post is 5 minutes.

Step 3: Shedule your posts

> Tookano AI : Edit or validate the posts in your schedule, then move on to automatic scheduling.

> Customized Posting: You receive delivery of the post in less than 48 hours. You validate it or make a return if necessary and choose the date and time at which you want to schedule your post.

👉🏼 Still don’t believe us? I’ll give it a try!
I try

Do you still have questions?

Check out our FAQ below. Or chat with me here!

What does my monthly subscription include ?

Your subscription includes access to the platform, scheduling generation by Tookano AI for all your networks, statistics, inspirations, adding your own posts, and content scheduling. The features for requesting customized posts, key marketing dates, and strategic video sessions are also available through credits.

Can I access Tookano without a subscription?

Yes, but without Tookano AI. You will have access to the following features: requesting customized posts, adding your own posts, key marketing dates, inspirations, content scheduling, statistics, and strategic video sessions.

What are the credits for?

Credits allow you to make requests for customized posts, key marketing dates, and strategic video sessions. No minimum, no expiration, you manage your budget according to your needs.

How much do customized posts cost?

The basic post single-image + caption) is €59, or 45 credits. The number of credits then depends on the on the type of post desired (carousel, video, etc.). They are displayed in the application.

Can I mix subscription and/or credits?

Yes! You can access Tookano with your subscription or use credits only. Your subscription allows you to mix Tookano AI and the option to use credits for customized posts or strategic advice whenever you want. You control your budget based on your monthly needs!

Can I stop my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like! You will still have access to the platform but won’t be able to generate schedules using Tookano AI. You can still order customized posts and access coaching offers.

What if I need advice?

Our Community Managers are here to help you with your request through your Coaching space. Feel free to schedule an appointment with them on any subject related to your online visibility. You will get all the answers to your questions for a reasonable rate.

How do I not forget to post?

Your Community Manager will be in touch with you whenever you want. Does Tuesday morning at 7am work best for you? Perfect!

What are the delivery times?

You are delivered in less than 48 hours. An urgent need? No problem, for a few more credits, you can request a specific timeframe with a delivery in a few hours!

Can I test Tookano AI for free without subscribing?

Absolutely! By writing your website URL when creating your account, you can access a sample personalized schedule for your brand. No transaction is required for this test. A subscription will be needed if you wish to schedule the content.

Can I modify Tookano AI settings?

Absolutely! You can manage the general settings of your AI: tone, frequency, networks, targets… And you can also manage specific settings for a post: objective, topic, emojis… In this way, your monthly schedule will never be the same!

Will I have a different schedule each month with Tookano AI?

Yes! Tookano AI takes into account the seasonality and market specifics of your industry. As a result, your schedule for April will be different from that of June!

What if a post suggested by AI doesn’t suit me?

Several options! You can regenerate a post for free, with the ability to modify the post’s settings. You can edit the caption yourself and even replace the picture with your own creative. You can request a custom creation from our team using your credits. Finally, you can also inject your own posts into your schedule.

Can I add my own posts?

Yes. If you already have a picture and a caption for a post, you can add it to your schedule. Need to enhance one of your posts with a picture or caption? Then request its creation by one of our community managers.

How many schedules can I generate with Tookano AI?

Tookano AI is programmed to generate 1 different post schedule per month for each selected social network. Every month, you’ll receive an alert inviting you to validate/modify the topics suggested by Tookano AI. Then, you have the option to edit/regenerate posts in your schedule.

On which social networks can I publish from Tookano?

To start with, we offer post shedule on the three main networks: Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We’re working on expanding the number of available networks.

Our team

59 €HT / mois
Up to 2 social networks to choose from
Up to 3 posts / week / network
👉🏼 15 days of free posts!
Let’s Go !
89 €HT / mois
Up to 3 social networks
Up to 5 posts / week / network
👉🏼 15 days of free posts!
Let’s Go !

Base of functionalities

It’s very simple!
The ability to generate a post schedule for each of your social networks through Tookano AI
Message from your community manager about the creation of your posts
Access to the publication gallery
Access to your schedule
Access to key marketing dates
Access to your publication history
Access to your stats
Access to personalized strategic advice

Customized post: €49 excl. taxes per post* (39 credits) – Details of the rates of other formats in the app

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you share the same community management philosophy as we do? Let’s get in touch🤗

Or contact us via chat right away!

+33241 138 232

Tips from our Community Manager

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