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The sector
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of contruction industry

Opt for an automated BTP community manager who will take care of your postings and ensure you a professional visibility. For companies in the building and construction sector, social media represents a very interesting showcase to get noticed.

It’s an opportunity to promote construction projects, showcase your expertise in the building industry, and attract new clients with renovation or construction projects.

Here are some key figures about social media:
91.2% of brands in France

have chosen LinkedIn to promote their business.
Using social media is essential for increasing your visibility.

In 2023, the construction sector

is dominant on LinkedIn according to E-commerce Nation statistics. Consumer habits are evolving rapidly, offering new opportunities to reach a wider audience.

The benefits of a social media strategy for the construction sector

Developing your online visibility

Optimizing your online presence in the construction and building industry is essential for increasing your visibility and influence. Hiring a community manager specialized in the construction industry will allow you to disseminate diverse content tailored to your target audience. By being active on social media, you strengthen your credibility and positioning in a competitive market.

Acquiring new clients

Gaining new clients in the construction and building sector becomes easier through the strategic use of social media. By broadcasting attractive and informative content, you can pique the interest of prospects and encourage them to choose your services for their construction or renovation projects. So, leverage your social networks and a specialized community manager in the building industry to attract new clients and grow your business.

Communicate effectively with your community

Social media is a preferred communication channel to inform your clients about your activities, ongoing projects, news, and achievements.” By maintaining a regular presence and connection with your audience, you strengthen customer loyalty and promote positive word-of-mouth.

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exemple de publication bâtiment et construction
exemple de publication bâtiment et construction
exemple de publication bâtiment et construction
exemple de publication bâtiment et construction
exemple de publication bâtiment et construction
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Here are some topic ideas for the construction industry :

Presentation of completed projects: new constructions, renovations, urban developments
Tips and tricks for construction and renovation: material selection, energy optimization
Showcasing the company’s expertise and know-how: qualifications, certifications, training
Sharing client testimonials: feedback, client satisfaction, recommendations
Promoting special offers: discounts on services, promotional packages, referral offers
Construction sector news: technological innovations, architectural trends, current regulations
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Let Tookano drive your editorial strategy and ensure the publication of your posts.

With Tookano, get personalized content for your needs, whether it’s static posts, carousels, or captions. Your community manager for building and construction automates them and publishes them on your social networks.

You can also customize your content by adding your own photos and videos on Tookano.

Based on your goals :

Bring more users to your website to increase opportunities to convert your audience into engaged customers.


Establish a genuine connection with your audience and interact with them regularly. This will encourage content sharing, thus strengthening your online visibility.


Strengthen your construction company’s online presence by sharing completed projects and client testimonials on social media. This will demonstrate your expertise in the field of construction and encourage new clients to choose your company for their projects.

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On which social networks
should I post?

LinkedIn and Facebook are essential platforms for the building and construction sector.

LinkedIn is ideal for showcasing the professionalism of your company, sharing industry news, and establishing professional relationships with other market players.

Facebook allows you to quickly disseminate information about your projects and interact with your community.

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Discover how Tookano can be your ally in managing your online presence.

Developing a digital communication strategy tailored to your goals and audience becomes simple and effective. A dedicated virtual assistant for community management for your construction and building company is available to you 24/7. It offers content ideas including both impactful visuals and catchy text.

You choose the tone
The publication frequency
And the social media platforms for distribution
Tookano takes care of offering you the content to publish including both visuals and hooks, while planning it directly for your social networks.
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